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Falafel Salad Bowl

Mediterranean salad (romaine, grape tomatoes, English cucumber, onions, feta cheese). Served with chicken shawarma pita bread with tahini and vinaigrette dressing.

Double Moroccan Cheese Burger

Handmade Angus beef patty, grilled just the way you like it, is served with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, onions and pickles one the side. Complete your meal with a choice of fries or salad.

Chicken Shawarma Poutine

Chicken Shawarma served over French fries with feta cheese and tahini sauce and choice of soda.

Mediterranean Sampler Plates (no cheese)

Mediterranean salad served with hummus, tabouli, 2 grape leaves, 2 falafels, and pita bread

Pita Bread

Moroccan Eggs

Beef Shawarma Roll

fresh pita bread with hummus, chopped parsley, pickles and tahini sauce .

Delicious Pita Bread at Our Mediterranean Eatery

Delicious Pita Bread at Our Mediterranean Eatery
Indulge in our fluffy pita bread, a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy it with savory falafel, creamy hummus, or fresh tabbouleh. Our pita is perfect for dipping, stuffing, or simply savoring on its own. Made fresh daily, it's the ideal accompaniment to any meal.

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Mediterranean Fare

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Mediterranean Fare
Savor Mediterranean flavors at home. Enjoy convenient pickup and delivery options for our delectable pita bread sandwiches, falafel platters, and hummus plates. Indulge in our authentic cuisine without leaving your doorstep. Order now for a taste of the Mediterranean delivered to you.

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